Antiparos is a small island of Cyclades, next to Paros. You can visit the famous Cave with the big stalagmites and stalactites, the beautiful paths, white houses, little churches, beautiful beaches and the central road with a lot of shops and beautiful flowers.

The reach to the island is through Paros, by Ferry every half an hour. You can reach Paros by plane from Athens or by ship from Piraeus. In case you come from abroad, you can visit the site in oder to be informed for the timetables.

This island is a nice destination for holiday or for a day excursion from Paros. It is a small island of the Aegean with 57 km seashore.

It has a charming village (Kastro) where most activities are concentrated and also many beaches.

The island was mostly known for a stalactite cavern and in the 1980s for the “Rock and Roll” lifestyle of the tourists.